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Terms and conditions, Payments, Plans, and Cancellation: 

By making a payment to 3STOCKSADAY LLC you are agreeing to the following terms: Your account will be charged according to the plan you choose for your membership, and no refunds will be provided for service not canceled 7 days before its automatic renewal if you subscribed to a monthly or yearly plan. When you pay for your membership, you agree to your debit/credit card being drafted automatically via credit/debit card payment according to which membership plan you choose. All memberships are set on automatic renewal. Payments are set for automatic renewal and this must be canceled to be no longer charged—one phone number per Member. Automatic renewals are at the end of the billing cycle. To cancel the automatic renewal on your account, you must email INFO@3STOCKSADAY.COM 7 days before the renewal date. If a cancellation is made after the renewal payment is processed we will cancel your membership for the next billing cycle. All SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. 
From time to time we offer a Plan called The Lifetime Membership, which is valid for 36 months (3 years), after the 3 years of service a $250 yearly maintenance fee will be charged. ($1 per trading day per year)
When we offer an Upgrade to a Lifetime plan (for yearly members), the upgrade gives you access to 36 months considering your 1st month is the first month of your previous yearly subscription. 
If you are in a FREE TRIAL and want to cancel your membership, email info@3stocksaday at least 48  hours before your billing date. The Service will be interrupted once you cancel your membership. Please be aware that our free trials start when you sign up and are on consecutive days, including weekends. Some Discount coupons are valid for the first payment period only. To revoke your membership, you must email specifying that you wish to void your membership PERMANENTLY. Replying Stop to the SMS alert does not cancel your membership.

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